Please take a moment and read over these guidelines.  The more familiar we become with them now, the less we will have to spend precious worship time going through them.  Thanks!


  • We will be keeping an online meeting option for those who are uncomfortable or unable to attend service in person.

  • We will be Re-Opening with worship assembly only, no children or small groups will be meeting at this time.  We are asking parents to keep their children with them in worship.  We will add additional ministries back as we are able to do so safely.

  • We will be offering two identical services to encourage a greater chance of social distancing. Our service times will be 9:00 and 10:30.  In order to help ensure there is space for everyone, we will be asking everyone to add their name to a service list. 

BEFORE YOU ARRIVE!  A team of Cleaning/Sanitizing Crew will prepare the facility in the following ways, making every effort to ensure our facility is a clean and safe environment. The areas that we will be using will be the sanctuary and the hallway immediately behind the sanctuary. 

  • Using chemical disinfectants as directed and allow for the proper dry times on all touched surfaces.

  • Having multiple services, we will clean between each service. Wiping all hard surfaces and spray disinfecting the soft services.

  • Station Bathroom Attendants to sanitize/disinfect after use. 

  • Post signs reminding guests about not shaking hands and doing non-contact greetings.

  • Blocks off rows in our sanctuary to ensure social distancing.

  • Ensure doors are propped open or have the greeters hold them open.

  • Place hand sanitizing stations at entrances.

  • Ensure face coverings are available for guest who arrive without.


  • If you are sick, you should not be present.  Please join us online instead.

  • If people are from the same household, or have been in contact throughout, they can sit together without distancing. We will be asking groups to space out themselves out the directed 6 feet.

  • We will be using every other pew and they will be blocked off to ensure distancing.

  • We will be dismissing in an orderly way to ensure there is not congested areas inside the building. .  We ask that you move out of the building and into the courtyard or parking area to fellowship and converse. Any risk of transmission is greatly decreased outdoors.

  • We will be temporarily suspending coffee stations, and donuts.

  • There will be hand sanitizer stations at entrance and exits.

  • We want everyone in the building to be wearing a face covering, so please bring one with you. We will be supplying face covering masks for those without one to increase comfort levels of all guests.

  • To increase traffic flow in the building and avoid congested areas, we will be using the front doors as our entrance and our side doors as our exits.